Sourdough Business Women

Margot Cairnes, Kate Ramsay, Susanna Carman, Fiona Sheridan, and Ama Kalma

Local women, local impact
When women are supported by other women, they surround themselves in strength and dignity without fear of what the future might bring. When business women support each other, not only do they strengthen that central core of business, but also uplift a community to grow a strong and sustainable economy.
Sourdough Business Women (SBW) is a recently developed entity of Sourdough Business Pathways (SBP). This not-for-profit initiative is striving to provide a strong future for the next generation of people in Northern Rivers by building strong businesses to generate prosperity and jobs for many. The group helps existing businesses to become more sustainable and overcome challenges, while also supporting entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a successful business.
This comes from an authentic desire to share their skills and experience to help others succeed for the betterment of the region.
As a specialised group to support women in business, SBW’s vision is to support women to build successful businesses for themselves so that, in community, they can create a new and sustainable economy. Largely volunteer led, SBW’s committee comprises five business savvy women, Fiona Sheridan, Susanna Carman, Ama Kalma, Margot Cairnes and Kate Ramsay, each dedicated to giving guidance and mentorship to women in business.

SBW’s key initiatives are:
A Place to Share Knowledge and Support; such as the Women’s Hubs held on the first Wednesday of each month.
Communities of Practice; such as ULab edX an online course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Mentoring; including leveraging the Sourdough Business Pathways Mentoring Program.
Specific Skills Growth, in conjunction with the Byron Community College, SCU and other regional academic institutions. Sourdough Workshops are also scheduled for 2018.
Network Weaving through SBP events and in conjunction with other regional organisations.
SBP acknowledges the very welcome philanthropic support from Yugilbar and Merchant Foundations.
To find out how you can become a part of this buzzing business network,
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Together, we can learn how to create innovation for our businesses,
our communities and ourselves through strength in collaboration.