“I am surrounded by complex, interesting and passionate women who are forging ahead
through often challenging circumstances and making their mark on the world while making
themselves happy. I’m motivated and inspired by this every day.” ~ Nehara

The same by name but different by nature, Nehara and Karni
Shai are the essence of admirable business women, exhibiting
determination, strength and perseverance needed to succeed in
today’s world. These sisters are forging ahead in differing industries
but use their unshakable bond to bounce ideas and strategy off one
Nehara is the owner of Byron Beauty Bar, a one-stop glam shop she
established from scratch, while Karni is the creator of OSushi, a brand
developed here in Byron with her late best friend, Dan, which has
since expanded to include two more locations in Coolangatta and
Broadbeach. Karni is the sole owner of the Byron location and co-owns
the Coolangatta and Broadbeach restaurants with business partners.
Despite the differences in business, the sisters are inspired by each
other’s success.
“Karni has been running her business for years and is as passionate
now as ever about delivering an amazing product. She has gone
through a lot in her business and overcomes challenges with grace
and strength. I’m inspired by her attitude, her resilience, and
the way she lives her life,” Nehara said. Karni commented,
“We share lots of insight and support each other on a daily
basis. We hope to collaborate and put our skills into action
on a mutual venture in the future. I rely on my intuition; I am all about
that. Nehara is a logical person, she need to see the facts. Together we
make a good team.”

Byron Beauty Bar is Nehara’s first foray into the hair and beauty
industry. She wanted to develop a new concept for Byron, a one-stop
beauty destination. One that uses the best products, attracts the best
staff and delivers the best service.
“As a business we are passionate about creating a unique and
delightful experience for our Byron Beauty Bar clients. We have an
amazing team of specialists who come together to create a onestop
glam shop. With hair colour services, cuts, styles and extension
along with nails, brows, lashes and makeup, we have hair and beauty
covered,” she said.
Karni developed Byron Bay’s OSushi 14 years ago, a joint venture
with her best friend, Dan, who sadly is no longer on this Earth. With a
strong background in hospitality blended with her love of Japanese
culture, its aesthetics and great clean food, it was natural for her to
follow this path.
She said, “Japanese food has now established itself around the world
as a firm favourite. OSushi can be a 10-minute quick sushi fix for one
or a two-hour celebration with friends. I am
very fussy with my food and a bit of a health freak. Knowing that everything
is sourced carefully and that we only use the best ingredients to create
healthy and nutritious cuisine is my top priority. “Most of our clientele are
locals that have been with us since we opened 14 years ago. Seeing babies
turn into teenagers is such a beautiful experience. I am always amazed by how much
kids enjoy sushi, it’s like an epidemic of babies munching on sushi!”

Owner of Byron Beauty Bar

What do you love to do when you’re not at work?
“Between running a business and raising my little boy Isaac as a single
parent, time is a little scarce. What I love most is spending time with
Isaac, family and friends over coffee or a meal and enjoying our beautiful
surroundings. Weekend walks and time at the beach with friends and kids
are a bit of a ritual now and never fail to remind me how lucky I am to call
this home.”
What is your favourite item or brand you stock at Byron Beauty Bar?
“I love our Mr. Smith hair care range. These luxurious products are easy to
use and deliver amazing hair. They are made using premium ingredients
and are sulfates, paraben and cruelty free. The blonde conditioner is
my favourite in the range. It keeps my blonde fresh between colour
What is one of your favourite smells?
“Fresh laundry.”
What is something that your friends would consider “so you?”
“Planning things in great detail.”
What’s the best or worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“Best advice: Keep making decisions and moving forward.”
What is something you will NEVER do again?
“Ride on a rollercoaster.”


Owner of OSushi

What do you love to do when you’re not at work?
“My three children are my best friends and are closest to me in this world.
Any time spent with them is always full of fun, joy and laughter. I enjoy
design of any kind, from home and garden to clothes. As a child, I would
come home from school and find my mother had changed our bedroom,
this happened at least half a dozen times per year! That is in my veins now.
And I can’t forget my passion for food, food and food! Did I say I loved food?”
What is the greatest challenge you have faced in business?
“Hospitality is a complex industry with so many details to keep in mind. It’s
like being a juggler, always 10 balls in the air at once, never stopping.”
“Just like everyone, I have my days. Some days I am very confident and full
of joy, other days I feel like I am a total failure. I made a decision many years
ago to follow my heart and my intuition, always!”
What is your mantra at OSushi?
“Our motto is to cook with love. We believe love is the secret ingredient to
every dish.”
What is one of your favourite smells?
“Cut grass and fresh roses.”
What’s the best or worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“My favourite piece of advice I’ve received to this day was from my Oma
(grandmother) as a little girl. She told me to never give up and always follow
my dreams.”
If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what
rule would you make?
“Treat others like you want to be treated!”