When you smile, the whole world smiles with you.

The couple met at university in Brazil, a country regarded for the
most advanced dentistry in the world. They brought their technical
prowess to Australia in 2008 and have been manifesting
dental dreams ever since.
Eduarda was born into a family of dentists.
Her mother is a highly regarded dentist in the state of Pernambuco in Brazil.
Fabio’s passion for orthodontics developed as a teenager, when
he was fitted with braces. After graduating, the couple had
dreams of living overseas, but it took an uneasy moment of clarity for
Eduarda to decide that it needed to happen sooner rather than
“In Brazil, my car was accidentally shot. I was not in it at the
time, thankfully, as the bullet ended up in the headrest. Brazil
can be quite unsafe and it made me realise that in a matter of seconds,
everything can be taken away from you. “ “My mother had sent me to an
American school so my English was already very good, so I said
to Fabio, ‘let’s go.’ We had friends in Perth who had been very encouraging
of us to move to Australia, so we moved to Western Australia in 2008,” Eduarda said.
The couple went through the procedure of having their
dental qualifications recognised in Australia before working for the
government in Exmouth. They became Australian citizens in 2012, and
began looking for a dental practice which they could transform to
include world-leading technology and advanced practices.
Eduarda and Fabio purchased Bangalow Dental in 2012, and even
though it was only their first visit to Byron Bay, they loved the area
and could see the opportunity to bring technologically advanced
dentistry to the community, eliminating the need to travel to a
metropolitan area for first-class treatment. They also welcomed their
beautiful daughter, Mila, to the world in 2014.
“Although Bangalow Dental is a dental practice for all ages, it has a
strong focus on cosmetic and digital dentistry. That’s what we love to
“With the advance of CAD-CAM systems, 3d printing, digital smile
design and Skyn Concept, it is possible to design a smile to match the
patient’s face and characteristics,” Eduarda said.
Dr. Eduarda is one of the few dentists in Australia utilising this
technology, using the Skyn Concept in combination with CEREC. This
also allows precise ceramic veneers or crowns to be created on-site
at the Bangalow dental clinic. For this treatment, a patient is given
a ‘VIP’ day, where they are the only patient for the day. It is a unique
treatment in that the patient can ‘test’ their new smile before the work
is done, to ensure complete satisfaction.
Using state-of-the-art CEREC technology, Bangalow Dental also
specialise on replacing amalgam fillings with stronger and naturallooking
ceramic fillings, the most biocompatible options
Being family-owned and operated, Bangalow Dental have a focus toward quality
over quantity, giving each patient a superior experience.
“We are in the market to cater for exclusivity and personalised dental care.
With comprehensive dentistry, our main focus is on a personalised
patient experience and patient wellbeing. Our aim is to create an
environment where patients feel relaxed and comfortable.
Our patients become our friends and this delivers an element of
trust, where they know they will be well looked after. We take this time
to create an exceptional customer experience, one where you feel as though
you are part of a caring family,” Eduarda said.
The couple have invested heavily in
the latest equipment to bring a level
of dentistry to Byron which is usually
only found in larger cities. Their dream is to
create a dental reputation in the Byron Shire so
advanced that people from the city will want to travel
to Bangalow for the exclusive treatment. Eduarda has already
started doing this within the dental event industry, creating an event
company for dental conventions to bring people to Byron for both
education and wellbeing.
“When I would travel to a city for a dental conference, there was
always a lot of stress and time wasted with clogged motorways, public
transport and congestion. I thought, why not bring delegates to a
beautiful place like Byron Bay, where they can listen to guest speakers
and learn advanced practices, but at the same time, look after their
wellbeing with meditation and yoga. Beautiful restaurants, retreats
and beaches, I know I’d much rather be here than in a busy city centre,”
she said.
Due to the demand and expanding practice in Bangalow, Eduarda
and Fabio are very excited to announce the opening of a sister
practice next year in the amazing new Habitat complex.
“We are looking forward to delivering a fresh, modern, state-of-the-art
dental clinic to work side-by-side with Bangalow Dental, to expand the
level of care for our friends in the community” Eduarda said.
Eduarda and Fabio hope to meet many more friends soon, to brighten
their day with a brand new smile, bringing a world of shining smiles to
Byron Shire.